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Get the full insight into your market. Be always up-to-date with the latest product announcements. Receive only the necessary information about a product, customer or competitor. Our tagging and AI algorithms allow you to monitor markets and spot trends early

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Make decisions and convince customers based on knowledge. Through our in-house editor desk, multiple years of experience in the news domain and knowledge of A.I., you’ll receive only the information that matters!


Do you want to follow specific companies, people or markets? Add them to your personal interest profiles.


With 800 sources and an archive of over 10 years, extensive research can be done with our wealth of current and historical market information.

Groups & Newsletters

Specify  your own groups of users and share news  fitting an audience. Let them access the app or send newsletters.


Compile your own searches and easily find trends with our wealth of current and historical market information.

Editor Desk

Behind Mandy is an actual editorial team that ensures the high quality of the articles and summaries.


Share information without worries. Access our extensive selection of copyright-free summaries and our very own Editor Desk

Create Content

Easily create your own content with the Content Creator. Choose a piece of text, an article and/or URL as source and then generate your own text.


Set-up your own desired notification scheme.  Send insight realtime or a day of preference in the week.

Editor Desk in action

Our Editor Desk will help you go just that one step further!

Our Editor Desk filters the news for you and, where necessary, makes a clear summary of an interesting article – that saves time!

In addition, they can help you create a suitable article for, for example, your site.

If you have a specific information need, for example for a report around certain market developments, they are happy to help with that as well


Information that suits your needs

Account manager or consultant

Always stay informed on developments at your customer, competitors and the sector in which you operate.

Content manager

Identify trends and current news in the market to optimize your communication plan and provide clients with insight they are looking for.

Product manager or marketeer

Receive notifications when new products are launched or when there are innovations in your industry.

Director or manager

Stop the information overload,  only receive information that is relevant. Short and to-the-point.

Success Stories

“MD Info has been a valuable source for many years to structurally monitor the most important media on relevant topics or to obtain ad hoc insights for specific issues.”

Dennis Hoogervorst

Teamlead B2B Research & Insights , DPG Media


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